The Walk of Heroes Veterans War Memorial is a monument in the making, created to facilitate an understanding of the many sacrifices and undying commitment veterans and their families have given through the years towards the transition to freedom and in the fight to protect that freedom. Located in Black Shoals Park in rural North Rockdale, the opportunity to experience a self-guided tour in a park setting is one that leaves a memorable impression on all who visit.

While not entirely yet completed, those who make the trip to this one of a kind memorial have the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the rich history of America’s sons and daughters who have honorably served through depictions of statues, carvings, interactive sculptures, and pavers with names, rank, and historical listing.

Upon crossing the threshold of the entrance to the memorial, a large map enables guests to view each of the proposed sites they will explore and are able to leave their own mark at the Boy Scout’s Eagle Project by signing in and leaving comments.

The Entry Court “Bead Sight” fountain currently welcomes all who enter, but will one day be the home of the “Gateway Building” with the “Walls of Honor” adorned in dog tags of those who fought in unselfish valor. Passing through the “Parade Walk” presents the Entry Arch where emblems of all branches of service as well as the P.O.W/M.I.A are represented. Next is The Five Statues, holding the globe of Earth on their shoulders, serving as the “Freedom Watch”, standing for the five branches of military. It is just after this that the visitor will come upon the entry to the “War Front”.

It is here that the experience can be seen from the soldier’s perspective, an undeniably   uncomfortable place. The timeline will start at the beginning of the 20th century featuring six enclaves and dioramas, starting with World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, finally ending with the Global War on Terror (9/11) and continuing on to present day conflicts.

These war front dioramas will include historically accurate era statuary, art work, engraved panels, and educational elements of significant events and historical facts specific to each time period, defining the dedication and self-sacrifice displayed. The purpose of the ongoing construction of this project is to reiterate the meaning of “freedom is not free” and the true loss that comes during wartime.