The United Tiny House Association and Georgia Tiny House Festival LLC, originally the Georgia Tiny House Association, was founded in 2015 by John and Fin Kernohan as an organization for the advocacy and support of the tiny house movement. 

After years of organizing not-for-profit outdoor concerts and festivals as fundraisers for students and college-bound homeschool students, as well as being a board member for an organization responsible for arguably the largest home-education convention in the country, John, along with Fin and United Tiny House Association board member Shorty Robbins, created the state-level Tiny House Festivals, including the now famous Georgia Tiny House Festivals, and the 60K+ attendee & 97 tiny homes Florida Tiny House Festival; as well as the New Jersey and Tennessee Tiny House Festivals… and the upcoming 2018 Tiny House Music Festival. 

Georgia Tiny House Festival is NEXT WEEKEND! March 2-4, Atlanta Motor Speedway 🏎 See more than 70+ tiny structures💥Tip👉Buy tickets online save $5 Learn more

Posted by Georgia Tiny House Festival on Saturday, February 17, 2018

Through their volunteers they are raising money for Tiny House Atlanta!  Plus, the United Tiny House Association will be donating $10 per volunteer per hour to Tiny House Atlanta.  This volunteer program is to help Tiny House Atlant reach its goal of raising $5,000 to continue to support education and advocacy initiatives, and projects like the Clarkston Tiny House Community, Tiny House Appendix to the Georgia Building Code, and the City of Atlanta Tiny House Feasibility Study. 

Additionally, the United Tiny House Association’s Tiny House Festivals are designed to support local communities and charities, through the fundraising activities at its Tiny House Festivals and by means of giving charities and non-profit organizations a platform to share with others. 

The United Tiny House Association, and its board members, speak at public events, meet with government officials, and work with individuals one-on-one, and partner with other organizations in its efforts to bring both the tiny house community and those outside the tiny house community together in a common understanding of what being tiny is all about. 

For more information and how you can help with this movement visit:

 “United Tiny House Association… Bringing tiny houses together!” – John Kernohan, Chairman