Regardless of where you live or the size of your closet, the arrival of each new season is a perfect opportunity to assess your closet and make any needed changes in your seasonal wardrobe. Yes, you may be expecting a shift in the weather but depending on your lifestyle, each season requires different clothing for work, hobbies, vacation, entertaining and holidays. Each morning when you dress without stress, you’ll be grateful you dedicated some time to your closet.

  1. Evaluate. Before you walk in your closet and just start shoving your off-season clothing into bins or a different closet, take time to ask yourself a few quick questions. What is my life going to be like over the next 3 months? Will I be taking any trips, attend any special events? Will I be participating in any hobbies that will require different clothing?
  2. Eliminate. Your lifestyle and preferences change constantly! Now’s the time to remove anything and everything that doesn’t fit, is out of style, you just don’t like, you haven’t worn recently, or no longer suits your current lifestyle (you quit your job, had a baby and live in active wear, etc.). Most of these items can be removed permanently. Yep, go ahead and get rid of it. Items you don’t need at this time, but still choose to keep, should be removed and be stored elsewhere.
  3. Reorganize. Only the essentials, your favorites and the must-haves should be left in your closet! Begin by simply putting like items together. Sweaters together, long sleeve dress shirts together, jackets and coats together – you get the idea!
  4. Reposition. Year-round and current season clothing should be front and center in your closet (prime real estate). Off-season clothing out of the way either in the more difficult-to-reach areas of your closet or, if you have the luxury of space, in another closet altogether.
  5. Containerize. Do you need more shoe storage? Do you need to maximize space with hanging organizers or add shelving above or below? Now’s the time to purchase decorative totes, bins, and trays as needed. Depending on how you have selected to store your off-season clothing, you may need to protect your clothing with proper containers. Consider garment bags, clear bins, etc.

Don’t worry; each season it’ll get easier with practice. Don’t have the time or energy? Let Refresh Home Organizing help. Refresh offers busy people solutions to gain control of their space, conquer clutter, and make their homes more efficient. More information at or contact Colleen Butler at 770-601-8581.