When I visited Wayback Burgers on Alcovy Road in Covington, I found a bit of nostalgia with the 50’s music and casual dining atmosphere. There is not a drive-thru because their made-to-order food is meant to be enjoyed. I discovered this “destination location” where I sat and took a break while enjoying simple food. It was not too heavy, and tasted good.

Walking up to the counter to order, the menu had several selections of burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, homemade chips, and their famous vanilla bean based milkshakes. The owner recommended the Cheeeesy that is reminiscent of a grilled cheese with two fresh patties. He said another favorite is the Cheese Steak Burger with a juicy sirloin patty topped with melted American cheese and grilled mushrooms and onions. Their cheese fries are “the real deal” with actual shredded cheese oven-melted on the fries so they are nice and gooey. They also offer a few selections of draft beer.

For me, I ordered the Rodeo, which was a juicy burger with a lot of flavor – bacon, cheddar and tangy BBQ sauce. I also had homemade chips and a thick, smooth, and rich milkshake that was handspun to order.

As a vegetarian, the owner understands the importance of having options for everyone. They use soybean oil to fry with and for the vegetarian, they have a separate fryer for the veggie burgers and fries. There are also many options to mix up your toppings on a burger or chicken sandwich.

Wayback Burgers is not on every corner, and with a few locations in Georgia, we are lucky to have one located at 10115 Alcovy Road in Covington. They serve breakfast until 10am and are open daily from 8am to 9pm. Visit www.waybackburgers.com for more information.