As you look around your home, are you overwhelmed? Where did all this stuff come from and where does it belong?

Your physical environment can have a profound effect on your state of mind. Clutter is destructive, it is stressful, and it will leave you exhausted! Fewer physical objects in your home makes life more peaceful. Less stuff means easier cleanups before company arrives, space for movement and activities, and faster location of important items.

Are you ready to reclaim your home/ room/ drawers? Pick a space you see daily that causes anxiety – maybe a junk drawer or a linen closet you’ve been meaning to tackle. Make yourself 4 signs: KEEP (in that same area), DONATE, TRASH and RELOCATE (to another area in the home), and then designate floor space to your 4 piles. Go through the space and make a point to touch every item. Toss it if is unused, unloved, unnecessary, or unknown.

Some items you will look at and quickly place in a pile. Other items such as sentimental heirlooms will take longer as you think on their placement. Work quickly and don’t be distracted.

As you work remind yourself that your home is for living, not storage, and ideally your flat surfaces should be clear. At the end of the work session take out the trash, load donations in your car, and put away the relocate items. Lastly return all the items to the space in a neat and organized fashion. Pat yourself on the back because the journey from chaos to order can be difficult but you will think more clearly and act more productively without visual distractions.

So, jump right in and tackle that mess yourself.

If you need more help, Colleen Butler with Refresh Home Organizing is ready to help. Refresh offers busy people solutions to gain control of their space, conquer clutter, and make their homes more efficient. More information at or contact Colleen at 770-601-8581.