About Magazine’s mission is to connect local and small businesses with their potential customers

     We provide several doors to your business including direct mail, online, billboards and social media.  In our 19 years of business we have established community partnerships and relationships to help your business thrive.

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About Magazine is opening another door for businesses to reach the community through radio advertising and spotlights on KBCN.  Lorraine taped her first tv/radio episode of Women in Business today. Dr. Andrea Bowen’s-Jones was her first guest. Thanks to James Green of KBCN for making it so easy. We also taped an episode with Gena McLendon, executive director at Merryvale Assisted Living today. Programs will run starting in August.

Women in Business

Lorraine Harrison of About Marketing is the host for Women in Business and today she will be talking with Gena Mclendon of Merryvale Assisting Living about her successful career of 22 years at 10 A.M. today.

Posted by KBCN Voice LIVE on Thursday, August 9, 2018

Women in Business Show

Tune in at 10am to KBCN for the first of many spotlights on Women in Business by a Woman in Business Lorraine Harrison of About Magazines. Visit: www.aboutconyersga.com for KBCN downloads. Today featuring Dr. Andrea Bowens-Jones.

Posted by KBCN Voice LIVE on Thursday, August 2, 2018


Please enjoy a video in detail from Lorraine Harrison on how we help small businesses grow:

Morning Motivators Leads Group – 4/25/18

Lorraine Harrison – About Magazines

Posted by Estation Conyers on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

When timing is everything, About Magazines directly affects its readers by exposing businesses to them throughout the year, monthly. 

  Word of mouth advertising is always the best.  What better word than the word of a magazine that has always giving you the information on the community and local small businesses? 


From Peter Arthur, Arthur’s Remodeling 4/2018

My wife Venus placed an ad for my remodeling company in the About Conyers Magazine.  I started getting calls right away.  One lady wanted me to make her bathroom look like the one in my ad.  I have gotten 4 jobs already.  I am very pleased with the outcome of this small investment compared to the return I have received already.

Amy Belanger – Cardinal Cleaning Services

“I highly recommend About Conyers Magazine. I grew my cleaning company quickly for the first 5 years using only an ad in the About Conyers Magazine. ”

Neal Lange – Neal Lange Insurane aka The Insurance Guy

“I make lots of sales from my ad in the About Magazine. It’s a great way to make new customers!”

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