Now that springtime has arrived, there are several activities kids can do to stay active and healthy. While many activities are available in after school programs, the Covington-Newton County community also has a variety of activities for your kids this spring.

Local spring sports for kids

Baseball/Softball – This is one of the most popular sports for young kids in our area. Turner Lake Complex offers girls softball team opportunities with four state-of-the art lighted softball fields for your kids to play in a friendly, yet competitive environment. The City Pond Complex has six lighted baseball fields for youths. Newton County is also proud to have the Miracle Field for kids with disabilities. New registrations open in early spring for all ages. And if you want to practice on your own or have formed your own group to play, there are also practice fields at the Denny Dobbs, RotaDyne Field (for younger age children ages 5-8), Baker Field, Pactiv Field, and Beaver Park.

Basketball – There are many activities at Turner Lake Complex and the indoor basketball is one that kids love. Daily or annual passes are available. Other areas in Newton County that have basketball courts include Trailblazer Park, which has a covered basketball court for older kids; Denny Dobbs Park, which has two basketball courts; and Mary Louise Fowler Park with one basketball court. The Conyers Street Gym can also be rented for group play.

Martial Arts – Young kids get excited when they learn the same moves Kung Fu Panda can do. Well, maybe not those moves, but they can learn the basics in Karate and other martial arts disciplines. If they stick with it and work hard, they can strive toward earning a junior black belt. Covington has a few karate schools that provide techniques, such as UMAS Karate for kids from age 3 on up. Your kids can learn Karate, socialize with other kids, and get involved in competitions.

Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts – When it comes to teaching about basic skills, scouting has a way of building upon those skills with leadership development while providing socialization skills. Your child can learn to appreciate nature with hiking, canoeing, and camping trips. Ask any boy scout in the area and they likely have been to the 1,300-acre Bert Adams Scout Camp in Covington. Get involved now and be ready to join their boy scout summer camp starting in June.

Getting kids active helps them stay healthy, socialize, and learn important skills. Besides these regular activities, weekend events like the community bike ride every first Sunday at 3pm from the Covington Square offers kids activities where they have fun with the family.