This summer, pack a lunch and bring your family and friends out for some quality time at a local park in Covington and Madison. Nature has many positive health benefits for those who spend time basking in the sunlight and inhaling the clean oxygen from the trees. Covington and Madison have several parks that would be perfect for a picnic with your family to enjoy the sunlight and breathe in the clean air.

Chimney Park

Voted as the best park in Newton County in 2016, Chimney Park is a secret hideaway hidden among the trees behind the Newton County Library. This park is popular for young children to visualize themselves in a secret garden amid fairies and other animals of the woods.

Chimney Park is named after one of the few remnants of the massive home that once stood in its place. The original home was built in the early 1900s and burned down in the 1980s before Newton County obtained the property.

Chimney Park is the perfect place to explore the woods, breathe in the clean air of the trees, and imagine the history of the home that once stood there for almost a century.

Academy Springs Park

Found at the corner of Conyers Street and Legion Drive, Academy Springs Park is another nature enclave located near Downtown Covington. The park is home to a playground with swing sets, seesaws, and slides for children to run and play on. Also, the landscape of the park is serene with stones and a bridge crossing a creek, which is perfect for family photos and relaxation. There are picnic tables to enjoy a lunch with your family and friends.

Madison Town Park

Located in Downtown Madison, Madison Town Park is a two-block grassy area in the heart of the city. The space has an enormous gazebo and fountain in front of the historical James Madison Inn. Madison Town Park also has many events throughout the summer including festivals and movie nights. The park offers a relaxing place to eat and have fun in the sun.

These parks only touch the surface of the different ways to enjoy nature throughout Covington and Madison. Being outside can reduce stress and encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, so soak in the sun’s vitamin D, relax among the trees, and bond with your loved ones in Covington and Madison’s beautiful parks.